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Best HTC Phones inTheres no regular U, so the U serves as HTCs sole flagship of . Along with a huge battery, a large , and three striking options, the U expands on HTCs Edge Sense functionality with new squeezeenabled features, and it can even detect how youre holding the phone to automatically lock and unlock your orientation. On top of all of this, you get great specs with a Snapdragon and GB of RAM.

The HTC U takes after last years U, with a inch, LCD panel, a rearmounted fingerprint sensor, a whopping mAh battery, and Android . Oreo with the promise of an update to Android P. It features dual cameras, consisting of a wide angle and a telephoto, that take some of the best photos of any phone on the market.

The HTC U expanded upon the Us design with an , a ,mAh battery, and a flatter, more grownup aesthetic, with software based on Android . Oreo. Whats more, in the UK youll get GB of RAM and GB of storage as standard, alongside dual SIM functionality.

The U reinvented HTCs design language after years of the the same look with a bold new glassbacked chassis in a range of shimmering s. And its the first smartphone to include Edge Sense, a new shortcut function that lets you squeeze the sides of the phone to jump quickly into the camera, take a photo, or launch your vorite personal assistant.

The new Digital Buttons have had a number of problems, though HTC is actively improving them with software updates.

Available with HTC Sense in the United States through TMobile, or with Android One internationally, HTCs midlevel phone mirrors the design language of its flagship counterparts, while downsizing the screen and specs and most importantly, the price. Theres a Snapdragon processor running the show, packed into an acrylic glass exterior with biometric security and a surprisingly decent megapixel rear camera.

Updated July Weve added the U to the top of the list as HTCs new best phone.

New phones are always coming and going, and we get that it can be a little difficult to keep up with things. So this is our continuously updated list of the HTC phones that you need to be aware of. These are the phones were most likely to be writing about, and the ones youre most likely to want to consider

The U is a solid flagship phone with last years toptier specs a Snapdragon , or GB of RAM, or GB of storage, and an excellent camera. HTCs Ultrapixel shooter features alwayson HDR Boost postprocessing, similar to the Google Pixels HDR trickery.

Add to that HTCs clean, nearstock Sense UI, and last years flagship is still a great phone today and at a price thats not quite as painful as many other flagships.

There are a lot of smartphones out there, and Taiwanese manucturer HTC makes some of the best even if it doesnt sell anywhere near as many as the market leaders. Such is life.

On the software side, the Android One U Life ships with nearstock Android Oreo, while the TMo version originally shipped with Nougat and HTC Sense, though its since been updated to Android ..

While the U never made it to the United States, it can be ordered unlocked on Amazon, with price tags that compare vorably to other highend Android phablets like the Google Pixel XL. Of course, the U still has HTCs signature Edge Sense technology, along with real hardware buttons the latter of which the newer U lacks.


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