Best Buy to stop selling phones from Huawei; Chinese company has been accused of spying

Huawei has been unable to sign up a U.S. carrier for its latest smartphone, the Mate Pro, a handset the company hoped would challenge Apple and Samsung in the States. Just prior to the CES trade show in Las Vegas, a deal with a carrier believed to be ATT for the Mate Pro was scuttled, apparently because of pressure from U.S. government officials. ATT hasnt confirmed that report.

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Best Buy to stop selling phones from Chinas Huawei

Best Buy to stop selling phones from Huawei; Chinese company has been accused of spying

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant which has seen its ambitions to break into the US market curbed by US concerns about Chinese espionage, was dealt another blow as Best Buy will stop carrying its phones.

Lawmakers in the United States have placed Huawei and another Chinese manucturer, ZTE, in the crosshairs over their reputed ties to the Chinese intelligence and military eslishment.

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USA TODAY confirmed Best Buys decision, which was first reported by.

Both companies have denied any such complicity.

In a statement emailed to USA TODAY, Best Buy said that We dont comment on specific contracts with vendors, and we make decisions to change what we sell for a variety of reasons.

As of Thursday morning, an unlocked version of the Mate Pro was still listed for sale on BestBuy for about . The phone is also available on Amazon, Newegg and BandH.

Huawei has not yet responded to a request for comment. But the company previously told USA TODAY that Huawei is trusted by governments and customers in countries worldwide and poses no greater cybersecurity risk than any communications vendor, sharing as we do common global supply chains and production capabilities. We are committed to openness and transparency in everything we do.


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